Internship and Co-op Recognition

  • You may be able to earn course credit through your academic department. It is your responsibility to contact the appropriate department to determine if credit is available and comply with the policies and procedures required. Note, credit is granted at the discretion of individual departments. Therefore, it is possible it may not be available.

  • Academic credit may be earned for the experience if taken as a Directed Independent Study (DIS). The amount of credit is arranged by the student through a faculty sponsor or academic advisor.

  • You may be eligible to receive recognition (notation) on your transcript in the form of a S/U grade, zero (0) credit hours through the Career Center's Career Experience Opportunities (CEO) Program. You must first notify the Career Center for approval to register and then complete all required paperwork by pre-established deadlines. Recognition does not impact your grade point average. Call 644-9775 for more on this option.

  • You may be eligible to receive recognition or your experience through the Career Internship Certification Program. Click here or call 644-9775 for more information.

  • You may be able to receive credit through the Center for Leadership & Social Change Non-profit Internship Program. For more information, here

Note: In each scenario above, it is important for you to make arrangements for credit or recognition prior to the start of your work experience.

For more information about internships and co-ops, please see Preparing for Internships and Co-ops and Making the Most of Your Internship or Co-op..