Match Majors to Occupations

A young woman considers her career options

You may want to know how to make the connection between your field of study and specific occupations. Some individuals will work in an occupation directly related to their major, others will find employment simply because they are a college-educated person with a variety of qualities that prospective employers value. It is important to remember that your future occupation may relate more to your personal career interests, work values and skills than any specific academic major. This means that college graduates use their education in a wide variety of fields.

The options for each of the majors listed are designed to get you started thinking about occupations related to a particular field of study. Remember that these options are certainly not all of the occupations you might consider. Also note that some of these occupations require education beyond a bachelor's degree. You are encouraged to research these and other options further by visiting the Career Center Library,Room, 1200 in the Dunlap Success Center, University Center or by contacting the professional associations for specific career fields. You can also research specific FSU undergraduate majors by reviewing information in the Undergraduate Academic Program Guide.