• 2015 Portfolio Contest Winners

2015 Portfolio Contest Winners

2015 Portfolio Contest Winners

Pictured from left to right: Melissa Mendoza (Speedway), Devin Bedgio (1st Place Graduate), Erin Morpeth (3rd Place), Ke'Von Harris (1st Place Undergraduate), Pete Menard (Speedway). Not pictured: Daniela Carbajal (2nd Place)


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2015 First Place Graduate Portfolio - Devin Bedgio

Devin is a second year graduate student in the Master of Science in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies program with the College of Education. Her favorite part of her Master's program is studying educational technology and eLearning. Devin is hoping to find a career that allows her to work with eLearning software and educational videos. She states that the Career Portfolio contest helped her look at her skills more in depth than she would on a resume where you are limited to a few bullet points. Through the process of completing the portfolio, Devin realized what a well-rounded candidate she is, and is confident to bring up her skills in an interview to show that her expertise goes beyond a one-page resume.


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2015 First Place Undergraduate Portfolio - Ke’Von Harris

Ke’Von is majoring in Criminology and International Affairs and will graduate in the spring of 2017. His lifelong dream is to become a Federal Agent, and he hopes to obtain internships to help gain the experience he will need to prepare for his long term goal. Completing the Career Portfolio has helped Ke’Von tremendously to focus on what more he needs to do to enhance his abilities and fulfill his dreams. Ke’Von shares his experiences and his portfolio with peers and family to also inspire them to use their skills and dedicated work ethics so that they too can reach their maximum potential in pursuit of their own dreams.


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2015 Second Place - Daniela Carbajal

Daniela is a second year graduate student of the Master of Science in Public Health program. Daniela is from Honduras, and she is impassioned by her dream of improving upon and increasing the availability of health care in the world. Daniela says that The Career Center helped her establish her career path, work on her resume, and land all of the jobs she has had so far, and that the dedicated staff have helped her make her dreams come true and accomplish more than she ever thought was possible!


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2015 Third Place - Erin Morpeth

Erin is a senior psychology and religion double major. She is currently applying to graduate school in hopes of getting a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. Erin hopes to either work in a university counseling center or as a wilderness therapist, and then open her own practice. The Career Portfolio helped Erin highlight her skills and experiences better than a resume alone. She believes the portfolio can help students reflect more on their experiences and take pride in their accomplishments!


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