• The Career Platform

The Career Platform

The Career Platform is an online hub for employability skill building. Use the system to view videos on important employability topics such as how to create resumes and cover letters, effective interviewing techniques, personal branding, job search strategies, and more!

The Career Platform provides 24 hour online access to tools that can help you:

  • Develop job search skills through short, engaging videos.
  • Learn about what employers are looking for in today's candidates.
  • Prepare for interviews, networking encounters, and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Feel more confident in your ability to develop career readiness skills.

How to Setup Your Account and Login to the Career Platform

New Users:
Click "Create new account" by linking to the self-registration page from the following URL:

The Career Platform User Guide

Returning Users:
Log back into your Career Platform account at any time. The login page for Florida State University can be accessed from the following URL:


Using the Career Platform

The layout of The Career Platform is designed to walk you through an eLearning series of courses. Each course has a variety of videos, resources, and professional perspectives to help you build upon your employability and career readiness skills. Most students start at the Home page and click the "Start Now" button to begin, but you may want to visit each section of the Platform to explore the system.

Courses Available in the e-Learning Series

Using The Career Platform ∙ Personal Assessment and Goals ∙ Online Presence ∙ Personal Brand

Communication Etiquette ∙ Job Search ∙ Volunteering ∙ Internships ∙ Career Center Resources

Interviewing ∙ Networking ∙ Employer Expectations ∙ Resume ∙ Cover Letter ∙ Consider Graduate School