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I want to learn about the use and development of the Career Thoughts Inventory.

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An Overview of an Instrument for Assessing Readiness for Career Decision Making  [view slide show]
Learn about the use and development of the Career Thoughts Inventory (CTI) and the CTI Workbook.

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A Review of the Career Thoughts Inventory in Research and Practice
Review what has been learned about negative career thoughts through the findings of various research studies and identify sources of further information for papers, reports, theses, or dissertations.

A Model for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cognitive Reframes of Dysfunctional Career Thoughts (Technical Report 36) .
Review an expert model for evaluating the quality of reframes of dysfunctional career thoughts.

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The Effect of a Workbook Intervention on College Student's Reframes of Negative Career Thoughts (Technical Report 37).
Review a quasi-experimental study on the efficacy of the cognitive reframing section of the Career Thoughts Inventory Workbook.

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  Obtain workshop and classroom resources for the Career Thoughts Inventory and Workbook
Help clients understand and use their CTI results.
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