Experience Recognition Program Spring 2020 Student Information

Student Participants
During the remainder of your Spring 2020 experiential learning opportunity, please observe any preventive wellness measures your experiential learning site has implemented, such as eliminating handshakes, not sharing pens, using hand sanitizing stations, etc. On your scheduled work days at your ERP site, if you feel under the weather and/or experience cold/flu like symptoms, please do not report to work and notify your site Supervisor immediately following their sick leave policies and procedures.

Your Site Supervisor may not be aware that FSU has shifted course delivery to online classes through April 6th. As a result, you are encouraged to share the institutional announcement with your Site Supervisor and work with them to create a plan for the remainder of your experiential learning opportunity.
For ERP, your requirements to complete the course are to work a minimum of 60 work hours during the Spring 2020 semester.  ERP does not require the work be completed onsite/in-person and allows students to count virtual/remote work.  
If working remotely is not an option at your experiential learning site and you are concerned about your ability to complete 60 hours of work prior to the end of Spring 2020 semester for ERP, please let me know. We will advocate on your behalf to help you complete ERP successfully.
The Career Center will notify you if an interruption or suspension of University operations affects ERP.  You can continue to monitor FSU’s response to COVID-19 online at here
We encourage you to reach out with any concerns you may have regarding this information.  

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