Seminole Success Stories

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Ranya Salvant   Kahiya Fairclough   Denia Del Cid
"You will always have moments of self-doubt, but it’s learning to cope with it that matters. The real growth and experience comes from taking that negative feeling and making sure you do better."   "If things are looking down and you can’t seem to be able to figure out things on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for help!"   “Three of the most important skills that I learned during my time at Google was to stay curious, take ownership of your work, and to do what you love.”
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Ireney Duval   Lia Epps   Ross Lee
“Generating creativity constantly is hard work, and I’ve gained even more respect for those who teach. Although the pressure was tough, this was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had thus far.”   “If I could go back to a younger me, I’d say start networking when you’re a freshman. Because of the networking I did with my direct supervisor, she told me about FEMA Corps – I was able to land an interview, and now here I am.”   “If you’re attempting to land a tough job, don’t be afraid to ask others around you if they are able to help. You never know who is going to have a valuable connection within an industry that can help you get your foot in the door.”
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Daniel Hubbard   Danielle Haunert   Jackson Harris
“The Career Center provided me the opportunity to transform this internship experience into a more meaningful civic engagement.”   “Make a good impression at any internship you receive. If you show up on time every day and continually make the effort to impress the workers at your office, you will get so much more out of your internship experience.”   “The experiences gained from being thrown directly into working in one’s desired field are unparalleled and take one much further than the classroom.”
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Kimani Hicks   Liana Almonte   MacKenzie Lyle
“Working hard to get into a graduate school program and actually getting in boosted my confidence in ways that I could never explain.”   “During my experience, I definitely learned a lot about corporate work environments and what it was like to work for a global organization with offices throughout the world.”   “By joining organizations and philanthropies, I have been able to grow as an individual and find the confidence needed to land a part-time job in college, as well as an internship with a Florida Senator.”
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Anabella Cuervo   Sarah Sweat   Josh Mesnik
“Florida State University prepares students to successfully represent the University globally and achieve their goals. We all are capable of going where we want to go.”   “I attended the Engineering Day career fair to meet with Cummins Inc., among others. Had it not been for the services at The Career Center, I would have never known about Cummins, let alone had the opportunity to interview and intern with them.”   “Strike a balance between listening to advice from others who share valuable experience and insights with you, and listening to the voice or feeling in your mind and body that tells you which direction to take.”


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